Are there dog-friendly campervan hire companies?

Dog and campervan hire

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If you are planning to travel in a campervan or motorhome with a dog, don’t just assume that the hiring company will allow you to take your dog in the hiring vehicle.

Most campervan and motorhome hiring companies won’t allow dogs in their vehicles. However, it is dependant on the hiring company.

Apollo’s brands of campervans and motorhomes state that they do allow dogs in Australia and New Zealand with the following conditions.

  • The reservations team must be notified.
  • Dogs must be registered.
  • An additional $200 cleaning fee is added to rental charges.
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Dogs mustn’t be brought into the branch.
  • You bring your own items (bowls, harnesses, etc) for your dog.


  • Maui do not accept pets.
  • Mighty do not accept pets
  • Kea, Alpha, and United do not accept pets.
  • Britz does not accept pets
  • Motorhome Republic don’t have partners that allow pets.
  • Wilderness do with a $500 “deep clean” surcharge.

What questions should you ask your campervan/motorhome rental company?

  • Are pets allowed in the van?
  • Are there fees associated with bringing along a pet?
  • Is there a pet weight limit or a breed restriction?
  • How many pets are allowed in the van?
  • Are there any additional rules associated with pets?

Other considerations.

Securing your dog while travelling in the campervan or motorhome.

You will need to attach a seatbelt friendly doggie harness to the seatbelt in the vehicle to prevent any risks that the dog may get in the event of an accident.

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Taking your dog into National Parks may be an issue.

You will need to check with the local authorities, but there is a chance you can get turned away from National Parks if the authorities see that you have a dog in your campervan or motorhome.

Plan to stay in pet-friendly accommodation.

Not all campsites are pet-friendly. So make sure you enquire beforehand to make sure that there won’t be any issues with you bringing your dog to the campsite.

You can read more about the motorhome hire and dog experience from Becky Moore’s post on Global Grasshopper.

There’s also an interesting post about renting an adventure van here.

If taking your dog in a campervan or motorhome seems to be an issue, you can always book them into a kennel whilst you travel. You can then pick-up your dog when you return.

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