Brisbane nightlife

Brisbane, Southbank
Brisbane nightlife

Something that the city of Brisbane can guarantee is enough nightlife to keep you entertained. Although the city doesn’t have the same buzz as other bigger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, it has it’s own character and offers several nightlife options that’s cost-efficient for the frugal traveller.

With your campervan and free or inexpensive parking available around the city, there will be a few activities that you will be able to enjoy whilst travelling around Brisbane.

Enjoy the river walks.

You can easily park your vehicle on one of the many streets or at the parks in Brisbane and go for a scenic walk on their many walkways which spans for several kilometres.

We suggest that you take the scenic walks from:

  • Southbank
  • Teneriffe
  • New Farm
  • Kangaroo Point

If you have items such as a skateboard, bicycle, or skates, you can use them on the walkways as well.

Enjoy a picnic or BBQ

There are several BBQ and picnic locations that are scenic around Brisbane. There are several public parks as well. Simply take your picnic basket and go to the location where you want to enjoy the views.

Night markets and festivals

Brisbane is known for holding several festivals and night markets. Simply keep an eye out for events announced on social media or local event websites.

Alternatively, head out to The Valley, Southbank, or central Brisbane where they usually host twilight events.

Party or dance the night away.

There are several places where you can dance the night away especially if you are under 30 years old. If you are older, there are places, but you will need to check out the crowd.

Eat out at restaurants.

Brisbane has a culture for eating out. It isn’t cheap on the wallet. However, you can get tasty food. So if wining and dining is your thing, it is something that you can consider.

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