Gold Coast campervan and motorhome hire

Gold Coast

Are you looking for the cheapest campervan or motorhome hire on the Gold Coast?

You can plan a road trip from the Gold Coast in Queensland’s South East. Whether you are flying into the Gold Coast airport or you plan to pass through the city and you want to travel onwards using a campervan or a motorhome, there will be hire options available for you.

Use the map below to see some of the campervan and motorhome hire companies on the Gold Coast.

Frequently asked questions.

Can you hire a motorhome from Gold Coast Airport?

Many of the motorhome hire companies aren’t actually based at the airport, but they are located nearby. You can easily get to them with a short Uber or taxi ride from the airport.

Who is the cheapest campervan hire company on the Gold Coast?

There isn’t one specific campervan hire company that can give you the cheapest quote all of the time due to changes in seasonality and demand. That being said, you can use the quote system which will compare campervan hire quotes with the suppliers on the Gold Coast. This will provide you with the cheapest campervan hire quote on the Gold Coast.

You can expect to receive some quotes from some suppliers such as:

  • Wicked Campers – Gold Coast
  • Barefoot Gold Coast Camper Hire

How about camper and caravan hire around Tweed on the Gold Coast?

This is possible, although it is usually easier to find and compare campervan and motorhome hire.

Is private campervan hire available on the Gold Coast?

There are some people who might offer that service, however if you want to have a professional hire experience, it is better to go with a specialist campervan and motorhome hire company.

Are there family motorhomes for hire on the Gold Coast in Queensland?

Yes there are. Although, not all companies will offer this service. You can compare offerings from different companies.

Watch the video below to see what the Gold Coast has to offer.