Thinking to explore Tasmania? Take advantage of cheap campervan hire in Hobart.

One of the best places to visit in Australia in a campervan or motorhome is Tasmania. Setting off from Hobart is the perfect option since you will be close to national parks, beaches and historic landscapes. One thing is for certain. No matter where you decide to drive from Hobart, you will be presented with beautiful landscapes that will allow you and your fellow travellers to create memories for a lifetime.

There are several hire options available from Hobart airport or from the city centre.

Is it possible to hire a campervan at Hobart airport?

There are actually a few campervan and motorhome hire service providers located at Hobart airport, which is convenient for travellers wanting to set off on their Tasmanian adventure as soon as they land. Other providers are also located close to the airport and  are also located in Hobart’s city centre.

You can see some of the Hobart airport campervan hire providers using the map below.

  • Wicked Campers – Hobart
  • Tasmania Campervan Rentals
  • Maui Motorhome Rental – Hobart
  • Tasmanian Campervan Hire
  • Cruisin Motorhomes and Campervan hire
  • Devil Campervans

Which suppliers provide campervan hire at Hobart airport?

You can find the following suppliers at or close to Hobart airport.

  • Wicked Campers
  • Tamania Campers
  • Britz Campervan Hire
  • Tasmania Camervan Rentals
  • Maui motorhome rentals

How will the weather and climate be like in Hobart?

The weather in Tasmania is much cooler than on the Australian mainland. You should expect temperatures during the warmer months of the year to hover around 16 degrees between December to March.

The weather will be much cooler during the other times of the year. So you need to keep this in mind if you plan to travel during the cooler months since it will affect your campervan or motorhome experience.

What should you expect when hiring a campervan or motorhome from Hobart?

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in Hobart?

You should plan to budget anywhere from $250-400 per night.

When is the best time to visit Hobart in a campervan or motorhome?

During the warmer months will be ideal otherwise the nights will get very cold. So plan to book between September to March.

Do you need a credit card to book a campervan or motorhome in Hobart?

Yes. You will need to have a valid credit card to process your booking.