Compare campervan and motorhome hire options in Melbourne.

Are you planning to visit Melbourne and explore the Australian hinterland and southern coast? Then exploring it in a campervan or motorhome will be one of your best options.

Take advantage of cheap campervan hire in Melbourne.

Finding your perfect campervan at the best rate has never been easier. Simply fill out the form to request a quote and see what campervans or motorhomes are available for hire. Get the best rates for your vehicle as well.

Can you hire campervans or motorhomes from Melbourne airport?

There are campervan hire companies located close to Melbourne Airport.

Are there budget campervans available for hire in Melbourne?

Yes there are. You can hire campervans from as little as $49 a day and the campervan should be able to sleep 2 people.

Who are some of the campervan and motorhome hire providers in Melbourne?

Melbourne has a wide range of campervan and motorhome providers that you can choose from. Some of these providers include:

  • Aussie Campervans
  • Mighty Campers
  •  Britz
  • Camperman Australia
  • Jucy Rentals
  • Let’s Go
  • Lucky
  • Maui
  • Mighty
  • Travellers Autobarn

Where can you find campervans and motorhomes for hire in Melbourne?

Below is a map showing the locations of campervan and motorhome rental companies in Melbourne.

Campervan relocation deals.

Something that you should also look out for when you are in Melbourne is if there are any campervan relocation deals available. The hire rates for these are much cheaper, although you will have a short timeframe to get the vehicle from Melbourne back to its home depot.

Are there companies that do motorhome hire in Melbourne?

Yes there are. Not all companies will offer motorhomes, but you can do a comparison search to find motorhome companies that do. Some of these companies will also provide luxury motorhome hire.

What things can you do when hiring a campervan or motorhome from Melbourne?

Visit the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road

You can drive along the southern coast and enjoy the ocean views.