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Can Tampons Go in RV Toilets?

Can tampons go inside an RV toilet?

RV toilets are handy to have on a road trip. However, it must be managed thoroughly to ensure the tanks can break down the waste until it is time to dump them. Because these tanks are somehow large and use a small system to be lightweight and easy to manage, what you flush down the …

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Should You Poop in Your RV?

Should you poo in your RV?

To poop or not to poop. That is the question that RVers from all walks of life ask. But unlike Hamlet, you don’t have to struggle over the answer because the answer is a resounding “yes!” You can surely poop in an RV toilet despite what you may have heard about number two unavoidably causing …

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Living in a camper

If authentic travel experiences is something that you truly desire, then exploring travel destinations in a camper is one of the ideal solutions to consider. You can keep your items in your vehicle and then travel, park, and explore the destination that you want to visit. You do have the opportunity to save on travel …

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Food to take in a campervan.

Travelling in a campervan will be an adventure. And depending on where and how you travel, you will need to consider how you will carry food whilst you are travelling in a campervan. When travelling in most places in Australia, you will have access to local supermarkets that will sell ‘ready to eat’ meals, tinned …

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Brisbane nightlife

Brisbane, Southbank

Something that the city of Brisbane can guarantee is enough nightlife to keep you entertained. Although the city doesn’t have the same buzz as other bigger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, it has it’s own character and offers several nightlife options that’s cost-efficient for the frugal traveller. With your campervan and free or inexpensive …

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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most picturesque places that you can visit along Australia’s southern coast. Where should you visit along the Great Ocean Road? Drive as far as bay of islands, just a bit past Port Campbell and you’ll see everything. Kennett River for the birds and koalas. There’s a wildlife …

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