Campervan & Motorhome tips

Can Tampons Go in RV Toilets?

Can tampons go inside an RV toilet?

RV toilets are handy to have on a road trip. However, it must be managed thoroughly to ensure the tanks can break down the waste until it is time to dump them. Because these tanks are somehow large and use a small system to be lightweight and easy to manage, what you flush down the …

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Should You Poop in Your RV?

Should you poo in your RV?

To poop or not to poop. That is the question that RVers from all walks of life ask. But unlike Hamlet, you don’t have to struggle over the answer because the answer is a resounding “yes!” You can surely poop in an RV toilet despite what you may have heard about number two unavoidably causing …

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Food to take in a campervan.

You’ve got your campervan booked and you are ready to set off on your adventure. You’re in the planning process and then you realise that you need to plan your food and nutrition consumption for your trip. It should be easy and straightforward, however things such as limited budgets, food storage, the type of cuisine …

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Great Ocean Road

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Stradbroke Island Camping

If you are visiting Queensland and you want to have an experience by the water, then you will want to go across to Stradbroke Island. You will be able to venture to enjoy yourself on the sand, by the crystal blue waters, or even venture across the island. You can opt to do a day …

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Motorhome insurance

Before heading off on the road to enjoy your motorhome holiday, you need to make sure that your vehicle is completely covered so that you don’t incur any additional financial risk when hiring a motorhome. There are several types of risk that you will be exposed to once you get the keys to the vehicle. …

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