Do RV Rentals Have Wi-Fi?

RVs with wi-fi

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Renting an RV has been a growing travel and vacation option for the last couple of decades. It grants you and your family a chance to go away from the rigid scheduling and logistics of flights, hotels, and rental homes.

There are even some people who choose to live a nomadic lifestyle with their RVs. Thus, having a reliable Wi-Fi connection in your RV is a precious amenity.

But the question is:

Do RV rentals have Wi-Fi?

Yes, several RV rentals are now offering Wi-Fi to their customers. However, this is a current development that is not offered by all companies.

Don’t just rely on the RV rental company’s own internet service, either. There are still more practical ways to acquire an internet connection, such as purchasing your own wireless network device or using a mobile phone with internet access.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to install Wi-Fi in your RV, whether for work or leisure, then look no further. This article will teach you all the twists and turns of the different methods on how you can have an internet connection in your RV.

How Does Wi-Fi Work in an RV?

Knowing how an internet connection runs in an area that does not “move,” such as a home or business, is quite easy. But how do you work it out when you’re on the road with an RV?

If you’re searching for a less permanent solution, then consider Wi-Fi as one-way access for an internet connection on your mobile phone. 

For more permanent solutions, purchase and install an actual device similar to the one you might find in your home, such as a satellite dish. This device can be installed on the top of your RV and will carry a signal directly from the orbiting satellite above.

All of these methods come with their positives and negatives. But if you don’t want to struggle with mounting equipment or spending extra on a hotspot data plan, then just opt for an RV that offers Wi-Fi.

As 5G coverage gets better, staying online will make your trip a lot more convenient.

Tripod satellites are also one of the best options to make sure that you acquire the very best signal in even the most remote areas.

Mobile hotspots and travel routers may be a convenient and affordable option but they don’t quite match the level of service that a satellite provides. However, you can consider the fact you’ll probably run into free Wi-Fi at least a couple of times each day while you’re on the road.

Which RV Rentals Offer Wi-Fi?

When you are planning a trip, one of the most beneficial ways to guarantee that the RV is Wi-Fi-ready is to look for RV rental companies that offer Wi-Fi. The great news is, no matter where you are in the world, renting an RV that is 100% Wi-Fi ready can be as easy as checking a box on your rental application.

Here are a few of the top RV rental companies that offer Wi-Fi:

Expedition Motor Homes

Established in Southern California on the 101 Freeway, it is fifteen minutes away from the Pacific Ocean and 30 minutes from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Thus, the Expedition Motor Homes grants the excellent staging area for your “West Coast to Anywhere” holiday!

Expedition Motor Homes operate privately owned luxury RVs. They have the newest and nicest fleet available in Southern California. Their fleet consists of the latest in luxury 40′ Diesel Pushers to the nice and cozy 22′ Class C RV. Each one is furnished with special attention before and after each journey to keep them in tip-top shape.

Reyes RV Rentals

Reyes RV Rentals is an RV Rental Company that provides luxury Class A Diesel Motorhomes. Their RVs are excellent for everything, from family trips to the film and television industry, music business, corporate travel, special occasions, NASCAR, temporary housing, and more. Their selective clientele anticipates only the best, and that’s what they deliver.

Reyes RV Rentals ensures a high level of customer service and integrity. Their prompt service and cozy motorhomes have earned them consistently satisfied clients for years.

Road Bear

When you consider an elegant Swiss watch or a luxurious automobile, the word “quality” quickly comes to mind. It’s also the very reason why you will want to rent or buy your motorhome from Road Bear RV.

The quality that harmonizes into a fine watch or automobile is the same quality that goes into your Recreational Vehicle adventure.

Road Bear RV has 7 offices throughout the United States and, indeed, the newest motorhome fleet anywhere, unless, of course, you go directly to the manufacturer! From 1980, when they built their first Camper Van, to today, their unquestioning crusade to ‘be the best for the customer’ guarantees you will truly feel ‘The Customer is King’ at Road Bear RV.

Motorhome Republic

Motorhome Republic is one of the world’s biggest online Motorhome and RV rental firms.

Each year they organize tens of thousands of motorhome vacations across 45 countries. With over 200 suppliers worldwide at more than 2,500 pick-up spots, they have the buying power to guarantee the best rental rates on a wide range of quality motorhomes, RVs, and campervans. They can guarantee that if there is an excellent deal on motorhome rental anywhere in the world, you will certainly find it on their website.

But not only that, their day-to-day rates are constantly reviewed to ensure that they offer the best price to their customers.

There are several small local companies and larger national networks that also provide RV rentals that are Wi-Fi capable — the only key is to search for them rigorously. Unfortunately, they are not offered up front.

If you’re still trying to find one in your area, there is always the alternative of surfing through online portals such as,, and

When renting an RV that is Wi-Fi-ready, you should also pay close attention to the data plans and packages that it covers. In some instances, a rental company might charge higher rates than a DIY method. If this is the case, it might be worth it to just look for other means of accessing the internet in an RV.

The great thing about getting a rental RV that is ready to go is that you won’t have to be bothered by anything, just climb in and hit the road. But convenience always comes at a great financial cost, and in this case, you’ll likely spend for the convenience by dealing with limited service plans and coverage options.

What to Consider Before Getting an RV with Wi-Fi?

Before you get an RV with Wi-Fi, there are a few issues you should challenge yourself to prepare an idea of what your specific requirements are, besides, you don’t want to overpay for a service that you don’t need or be stuck with Wi-Fi that isn’t strong enough, so keep these questions in mind.

  • Do you intend to watch videos? Streaming on Netflix needs 3GB per hour of data.
  • What are you trying to look for to spend on RV Wi-Fi? Local public Wi-Fi spots are typically free or cheap. Cellular data can be expensive if you don’t purchase an unlimited plan. Satellite internet can also be very expensive.
  • Are you working while on the road? Zoom calls for work surely take anywhere from 810MB to 2.4 GB of data per hour for group meetings.
  • How many passengers are in your RV? If you have several internet users, the GB usage per hour rate can climb up fast.
  • Where do you intend on taking your RV trip? Are you going somewhere isolated where cell service won’t work? Do you intend on staying in an RV park with local Wi-Fi?
  • What is your latest cellular data plan? Will you have to purchase a 4G LTE service or enhance your plan to use cellular data for RV Wi-Fi?
  • Are you renting your RV, or do you own it? Most satellite internet services aren’t permitted on RV rentals because they need hardware installation. 

Best Ways to Get Wi-Fi in an RV

RV renters who want or require to make sure that they receive top-notch connectivity while they’re out on the road can jump the hassle of trying to obtain an RV rental that is ready to go by buying the equipment themselves. This can be done in four particular ways:

  • Buying a satellite with an internet plan.
  • Employing cellular data plans by using a cellphone with Wi-Fi service.
  • Obtaining a separate mobile hotspot.
  • Planning camping spots and rest stops around places with access to Wi-Fi.

The problem with the first option is that roof-mounted satellites for Wi-Fi service can’t be fixed on a rented RV. This is due to the type of setup that requires permanent modifications to the vehicle and semi-permanent for the mounting of the receiver.

However, you have the alternative of buying a tripod satellite system and a service package that you can use on a rented RV. That would give you full control over the tools and services that you use.

In addition to satellite data, you can also look into different possibilities that use cellular data to feed your Wi-Fi data demands. Mobile hotspots and travel routers are excellent options for most areas of the country and will keep you connected in all except for the most remote locations.

If you do not require regular access to Wi-Fi, then try to consider planning your route to make sure that you get to camping sites and roadside rests that provide Wi-Fi.

Tripod Satellite System

A tripod-mounted satellite system is what the name would lead you to anticipate. Whether you buy an off-brand satellite or prefer a data provider that supplies a satellite to be employed with their service, the tripod is a vital part of the setup.

Several companies offer tripod satellite systems for RVers, such as DISH and DirectTV. Companies like this will grant a tripod that is designed and built to connect with their satellite dish. You can also obtain alternatives that will work with a dish right off the shelf.

No matter which route you take to obtain your receiver equipment, you will be able to haul in a signal from almost anywhere once you have it. This is the advantage of using a tripod satellite system.

If you opt for a plan from a data provider that supplies you with the bandwidth and the coverage that you require, then you will be all set. This choice takes up space where it can be a precious commodity, but the strength of the signal you’ll receive in return makes it worth more than the money you spent.

One significant downside to the tripod satellite system is that some data plan providers need an annual or monthly contract. That makes them less than practical if you are not planning a long-term journey or requiring to use the equipment for at least a few weeks out of every month for the span of the contract.

Some providers allow shorter contracts or pay-as-you-go plans, but their charges tend to be higher.

Mobile Hotspots

The wide majority of American households have at least one smartphone. Depending on the service plan you purchased, you probably already have a mobile hotspot. Most mobile phones can be set to be Wi-Fi repeaters that can be recognized by other devices.

It utilizes the cellular data that your phone receives into a Wi-Fi signal that laptops, tablets, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices can utilize to send and receive data. Plenty of cell phone companies extend this service, which will serve as a Wi-Fi provider while on an RV.

If your phone doesn’t provide you this option, or you prefer not to tie your phone in this system, there are still some dedicated mobile hotspots you can purchase. With an individual mobile hotspot device, you’ll get more options such as:

  • Use the provider that you currently employ for your smartphone.
  • Choosing a different provider that can provide a better deal or more favorable coverage in the area where you will be using it.

In several cases, you are allowed to connect a dedicated hotspot device into an antenna or DSL service when they are available. This method will provide you with the most reliable signal possible. The hotspot will work to strengthen the signal you picked up and allow multiple devices to use the data at the same time.

Mobile hotspots are cheaper than satellites and normally require less space for storage while you’re on the road. They also manage to offer a wider range of choices when it comes to service plans. The only downside is that they might not work as well as satellite equipment and data plans in some isolated areas.

When selecting a data plan for a mobile hotspot, whether connected to your smartphone or bought separately, make sure that the plan offers unlimited data. Otherwise, you may end up with a massive bill at the end of your journey. Verizon is one of the best companies when it comes to hotspots with unlimited data offers.

Travel Routers

If you have a Wi-Fi connection in your home, then you know what a router is and what it does. But still, you might not know that there are also travel routers built to be more portable. This offers you options that guarantee that you can make the most of whatever is handy wherever your trips take you.

You won’t be required to purchase a plan for your travel router, but you will need to gain access to a signal source from somewhere.

As an alternative for RVing, travel routers offer choices to what a mobile hotspot can give. YOu can connect a travel router into a wired connection the same as any other router.

But when you are on the road or parked in a camping area, they can act as a signal booster on any Wi-Fi signal that is open in your location.

Some of the best brands on the market can even be utilized as a mobile hotspot when no Wi-Fi signal is available, but a 4G or 5G data signal is.

Like mobile hotspots, travel routers are also a great alternative when space is limited due to their less storage usage than a satellite dish receiver unit does. A travel router can also work as a battery for charging devices and offer file storage.

Of course, if you utilize your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, you will receive storage and viewing in a single package. Ultimately, the option between these two alternatives will come down to personal preference and which one will give you the best signal in specific locations.

Park at Camping Spots or Rest Stops with Free Wi-Fi

If continuous connectivity is not what you’re looking for, then coping with a tripod satellite dish or setting up a mobile hotspot might not be worth the time or money you are about to spend.

If you have a smartphone that will serve as a hotspot, then you’ll be able to obtain Wi-Fi signals at most RV camping sites and rest stops. Remember, parking at campsites that provide free Wi-Fi won’t even tax your phone’s data plan.

Most travel centers that provide business truckers have free Wi-Fi that spreads throughout their large parking areas. If you check there to refuel or hit a fast-food restaurant for a quick meal, you’ll be able to acquire access online long enough to check your emails and stay in touch with the world.

There are also internet cafes and coffee shops that allow their customers to use their free Wi-Fi while they take a break and enjoy a beverage or a snack.

As 5G coverage gets more reliable, staying connected to Wi-Fi while RVing will also get easier. Tripod satellites are probably still the best alternative for making sure that you receive the best signal in even the most remote areas.

Mobile hotspots and travel routers may seem to be handier and cheaper but do not quite match the level of service that you can get from a satellite.

However, you’ll probably run into a free Wi-Fi location at least a couple of times each day while you’re on the road.

Consider Buying a Wi-Fi Booster

It can be a struggle to look for a signal in an RV, especially when you’re in an isolated location. While a tripod satellite device is reliable almost everywhere, even this ingenious machine can also slow down in some areas.

Any avid RVer will recommend buying a Wi-Fi booster for an overall more reliable connection wherever you go. There are several options when it comes to buying a Wi-Fi Booster, one of them is the ALFA Network Wi-Fi CampPro 2 Universal Wi-Fi / Internet Range Extender Kit.

This device provides a top-notch signal service, no matter where you are or what you’re driving.

Final Thoughts

Staying connected to the internet while cruising in an RV is not as intricate as it may seem. There are a variety of alternatives for travel, whether they require continuous connection or just want to check their emails here and there.

The best choice would be to go for an RV rental company that offers RVs that have installed satellites or consider purchasing a tripod satellite with a data plan.

Some individuals might assume that it’s silly to get preoccupied with staying connected while camping in a vehicle that is intended to let you get away from it all. At the same time, it’s crucial to recognize all the reasons why people want to rent an RV.

As we noted earlier, some individuals like to work remotely and prefer to live the life of a digital nomad. There are also a lot of people who would want to rent RVs for events like music festivals, auto races, and other sporting events. For them, being able to work while traveling at the same time is essential.

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