How long does it take to drive around Australia in a campervan?

Driving around Australia in a campervan is a dream come true for many international travellers and local Australians. But what people tend to underestimate is the amount of time that is required to drive around, as well as to explore Australia.

We’ll start by answering the first question.

How long does it take to drive around Australia in a campervan?

14 days is the absolute quickest you could circumnavigate the continent on the Australian mainland. This is assuming that the average speed is 60km/h around the main highway (Number 1), which sprawls for 15,823km.

If you take the ferry to Tasmania, you will need to add in another 20h round trip. (Source)

How long does it take to explore Australia in a campervan?

One month is the minimum amount of time you should allocate if you want to get around the country. This will give you some time to explore sights and to break-up your travel.

Three to six months will be a good sweet spot, if you have the time to travel.

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