One of the most epic trips you can experience in the northern hemisphere is taking a campervan or motorhome in Iceland and exploring the island.

View the video below to get an idea of the type of experience that Iceland has to offer.

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It’s a popular destination especially in the latter part of the year when the country experiences the Northern lights.

Northern lights in Iceland

One of the big appeals for visiting Iceland is due to its’ ring road (Route 1) and the size of the country. In just a few days, you can travel around the entire country and see the important landmarks and experiences that this wonderful country has to offer.

Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Iceland
Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Iceland

What should you consider when booking a motorhome or campervan in Iceland?

Check the availability of motorhomes and campervans.

Please make sure that once you book the vehicle, you get confirmation from the hiring depot that will supply you with the motorhome or campervan.

Check that you receive the motorhome or campervan that you agreed to pay for.

Please confirm with them that the vehicle that you are paying for is the one that you will receive, so that you don’t fall victim to paying for the wrong motorhome or campervan hire.

Confirm the supplies that will be given in the campervan or motorhome?

Confirm with the hiring depot what will be included in the price of the vehicle. Will they supply bedding, linen, boxes, etc for your trip?

Is it easy to drive a campervan or motorhome in Iceland?

This depends on the season and the weather conditions. You definitely need to be aware of the windy conditions and take that into account when you are driving around the country.

However, you will be on the main ring road, which is pretty safe.

Should you drive during winter, you will have to beware of wet and icy conditions that will make it more challenging to drive a campervan or motorhome in Iceland.

Also, there are unsealed roads that you need to consider driving on depending on your destination. So this may slow down your travel time.

You will have longer days in the summer.

Because Iceland is so far north, you will actually get 24h of daylight during the summer. So this means you can plan to travel anytime and still benefit from natural sunlight.

Pre-book your accommodation in Iceland.

In Iceland, there’s no-longer freedom camping and you will need to pull into a registered campsite. The tourist season gets popular very quickly for the summer months, so you want to book your accommodation in advance so that you secure your accommodation for your trip.

Enjoy the campervan or motorhome experience that Iceland has to offer!

Watch the video below to see what you can expect when you book a motorhome or campervan for hire in Iceland.

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Enjoy a motorhome or campervan experience in Iceland
Enjoy a motorhome or campervan experience in Iceland

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Where should you consider visiting in Iceland?

  • Vatnajokull National Park
  • Reykjavik Eco Campsite
  • Tjaldsvaedid Asbyrgi og Vesturdal
  • Tjaldsvaedid Vid Reykjamork