Is it cheaper to rent an RV or stay in a hotel?

Parked motorhome at night

This depends on where you are travelling, how many people you are travelling with, and the type of RV or motorhome vehicle that you hire.

If you decide to travel with a large group, then it is going to be cheaper for you to rent an RV or motorhome simply because the cost per person that it would be at a hotel (or even per room) would be substantially higher.

There’s options to rent in the following places, which would still be more than what you would pay if you decide to rent an RV or a motorhome.

  • Hotel – $120+ for a room (2 people)
  • Motel – $80+ for a room
  • AirBNB – $60 or more for a room

What are some of the additional costs that you need to consider when renting an RV or motorhome?

Campground fees

It seems like you won’t have to pay for anything more than the rental of the RV or motorhome. However, if you are travelling to an area where motorhomes or RVs must be parked at a campsite, then you will incur additional fees per day to be based on the site.

These fees could be a site fee (flat) or it could be a per person fee. These fees are usually charged at a daily rate.

The estimated rate per night at a campsite could be between $25-80 per night.

Long-term vs Short-term hire.

If you plan to hire a vehicle for short-term travel, you will pay a premium price, but it will give you the flexibilty to travel as you desire.

You may be able to secure discounted rates with long-term hire. However, you will also be able to secure some discounted rates with long-term hire if you choose to stay at long-stay accommodation.

It really depends on how you want to move in your trip. If you plan to move at least every 3 days or even everyday, then an RV or motorhome may be in your best interest to hire.

Consider the experience that you want to have?

Ultimately, you need to decide if you would prefer to enjoy an experience where you are on the road. Or if you would prefer to enjoy an experience where you are hotel hopping?

You may save money by booking hotel accommodation, but you won’t get the true RV/Motorhome experience.

I hope that this helps.

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