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Campervan & motorhome rentals in Byron Bay

One of the most amazing places that you can visit on the Eastern coast of Australia is Byron Bay. Sunshine, golden sand beaches and an easygoing way of life makes it one of the most interesting places to visit. It is also a very popular camping destination with both paid and free camping sites along Australia’s East Coast, which makes it popular for tourists that opt to hire a campervan or motorhome.

The town has been a tourist spot for backpackers due to its bohemian lifestyle and its welcoming culture for tourists. If there is a great pick-up spot for backpackers searching for a campervan, Byron Bay is the place. 

Where is Byron Bay located?

Byron Bay is located just under 200km from Brisbane. It is a 1.5h drive from the Gold Coast and you can drive directly to Sydney in less than 8h. 

Is there one-way campervan hire available?

Yes there is. Several campervan hire companies have depots along the Eastern Australian coastline, so they typically offer one-way hire deals in exchange for an additional fee. So if you are a bit short of time when travelling, you can easily get yourself to Byron Bay and pick-up a campervan to take you to your next destination. 

Some of the popular routes include;

Which companies offer campervan hire?

There are a few depots located in Byron Bay, such as Apollo and Wicked Campers. 

What kind of vehicles are available for hire in Byron Bay?

What things can you do in Byron Bay?

Here are some links to suggestions of things to do while visiting Byron Bay. 

What can you expect when in Byron Bay?

Check out this Van Life vlog below. 

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