New Zealand winter campervan hire.

Are you thinking about hiring a campervan in New Zealand during the wintertime?

Why should you consider hiring a campervan in New Zealand during winter?

Campervan hire rates will be cheaper.

You can hire campervans for a much cheaper rate compared to the peak season. However, there is a reason why people decide not to travel in campervans in New Zealand during winter.

If you are happy to brave the cold, then it is something that you can consider doing.

It won’t be as busy travelling around New Zealand.

Also because it will be the off-peak season, you will find it easier to travel around and secure sites at camping grounds, less traffic on the tourist road strips, and fewer tourists at the landmarks that you want to visit.

What are some things that you should consider while you are travelling in New Zealand?

Not having enough grey water storage in the campervan.

There is not enough water/grey water storage in a campervan for showers (or toilets) for all so you will end up having to sprint across frozen grass to the communal (freezing cold) ablution block. 

You will need to have warm items to keep warm.

The temperature is cold in winter. A campervan is uninsulated, so the chill from outside will enter the vehicle and affect you.

It’s also likely that the condensation from the air will form droplets on the roof, which will drop on you after 3AM.

If you decide to go to the cooler areas that have ice and snow, you will be freezing. Should you decide to go, make sure you pack:

  • Thermals
  • Hot water bottles
  • Warm blankets
  • Heater (Get a $30 oil heater.)
  • Make sure the vehicle that you hire can hook up to electricity.

What is the recommendation?

It’s not in our best interest to say this, but you will be better off hiring a car and staying in accommodation that can give you the warmth that you need. So you can stay in hotels, motels, or Airbnbs with heated rooms.

This will allow you to enjoy the experience.

Should you decide to still go ahead with the campervan trip in winter, please make sure you prepare yourself for the cold conditions ahead. You will be able to find cheaper campervan hire deals.

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