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If you find that you want to travel over a large distance, then you may want to consider doing a one-way campervan hire instead of returning the vehicle to the original hire location.

In places such as Australia, the USA, Canada, and Europe, where the travelling distances can span for hundreds or thousands of kilometres, you will need to factor in extra time and budget to return the vehicle back to its original hire location.

If you’re planning to do a campervan trip in a circuit, then you can opt for a regular campervan hire. However, if you are on a tight timeline and it works out that you need to travel more than 250km a day, then you will want to seriously consider a one-way hiring option.

Why should you consider a one-way hire option?

The main reason is the amount of time that you will be spending on the road. If you’re travelling on roads that allow you to do the speed limit at 100-110km/h, you will be able to reach the 250km distance in 2.5h.

However, the need to go through neighbourhood streets, side streets, roads affected by roadworks or delays, or even driving at 40-60km/h can easily increase the amount of time that you spend on the road to 4-5h.

You want to spend more time enjoying the experiences and scenery during your trip instead of staying on the road. If you are the person driving the vehicle, you will find that you will need to keep your eyes focused on the road, which means you will miss out on the scenery around you.

Is a one-way campervan hire more cost-effective?

You will need to factor it into your budget. In terms of the time cost, it is definitely more cost-effective. And you can be more flexible with some of your travel options.

For example, you may travel via public transport in certain cities. And then do one-way campervan hire in between major cities to really explore the surroundings.

The campervan hiring company will add a premium cost to facilitate the return of the vehicle. Although in some cases, the campervan hire company may have a base in the city that you are travelling to and may have a booking to return the vehicle back to its original location.

See some one-way campervan and motorhome vlogs.

Below are a few videos that show how people did their one-way trip in a motorhome or campervan in Australia.

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