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Sydney to Brisbane One-Way Itinerary

Travelling from Sydney to Brisbane on the road is 1,000 km along Australia’s east coast.

Day 1: Sydney to the Blue Mountains

Distance: 60 to 100 km

Estimated driving time: 1 to 1.5 hours

Things to see:

  • Blue Mountains
  • Opera House
  • Harbour Bridge
  • Bondi Beach

Day 2: Blue Mountains to Hunter Valley

Distance: 250 to 300 km

Estimated driving time: 3.5 to 4 hours

Attractions along the way:

  • Barrington Tops National Park
  • Wineries

Day 3: Hunter Valley to Port Macquarie

Distance: 240 km

Estimated driving time: 3 to 3.5 hours

Things to see on the way:

  • Koala Hospital
  • Tacking Point Lighthouse
  • Lighthouse Beach

Day 4: Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour

Distance: 150 to 170 km

Estimated driving time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Popular Attractions:

  • The Big Banana
  • Dorrigo National Park
  • Muttonbird Island
  • Butterfly House

Day 5: Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay

Distance: 230 to 250 km

Estimated driving time: 2.5 to 3 hours

Things to see:

  • Cape Byron Lighthouse
  • Tallow Beach
  • Arakwal National Park

Day 6: Byron Bay to the Gold Coast

Distance: 100km

Estimated driving time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Popular attractions:

  • Surfers Paradise
  • Theme Parks
  • Whale Watching
  • Springbrook National Park

Day 7: Gold Coast to Brisbane

Distance: 80 to 100km

Estimated driving time: 1 to 1.5 hours

Things to see:

  • Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
  • South bank
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Queen Street Mall

Popular Attractions Along the Way

Planning a road trip with a rental campervan from Sydney to Brisbane? You can book a campervan for a one-way trip to these places. Check out these incredible destinations along the way as you drive from Sydney to Brisbane.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located west of Sydney in NSW, Australia. The mountains, a portion of a national park, are situated in an area offering many outdoor activities.

There are many hiking trails in the area, with some offering the chance to witness the famous Three Sisters, an unusual rock formation deemed a popular tourist attraction.

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall is Brisbane’s deluxe shopping lifestyle destination. It first opened in 1982 – just in time for the Commonwealth Games. Currently, over 700 retailers have shops along the 500-metre mall, including the flagship stores of multiple major brands.

The mall incorporates six major shopping centres, heritage-listed arcades, countless eateries, a bowling alley, a cinema, and the Treasury Casino.

Hunter Valley

Situated north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley is a well-known wine region in Australia. The region is home to numerous outdoor activities, including golf courses, cycle tracks and hiking trails. Several wineries in the area offer guided tours and tastings.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Moulded right on Brisbane River, Lone Pine is fifteen minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. It is the oldest and biggest koala sanctuary in Australia, home to 130 koalas. They live with Tasmanian Devils, snakes, echidnas, wombats, platypuses, and dingoes.

Kangaroos, wallabies, and emus free range, and there are chances to cuddle, take photos, and feed certain animals. Koala discussions are held twice daily, and there are also several performances with lorikeets, raptors, sheepdogs, and more.

Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is found just a short distance from Gold Coast City in the Hinterland. The park is ideal for seeing beautiful rainforest scenery and spectacular waterfalls. There are also chances for camping, making it a perfect stop on your road trip throughout Queensland.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is a seaside neighbourhood situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is renowned for its beaches, skyscrapers and lively nightlife. The area is home to many of the Gold Coast’s finest restaurants and cafes, with numerous high-rise buildings offering breathtaking seaside views.

Theme Parks

The Gold Coast is home to some of Australia’s finest theme parks. You’ll discover Warner Brothers Movie World, Dreamworld and Seaworld, just a short distance from each other, and you’ll find two water parks: Wet and Wild and White Water World. The companies offer multi-day passes, letting you visit multiple parks over a few days.

Whale Watching

Every year between May and November, whales relocate along the east coast of Australia. The Gold Coast is a famous place to witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Several companies offer guided tours or cruises.

Cultural Precinct/South Bank

An institution on Brisbane’s South Bank, just across the Brisbane River from the CBD, the Brisbane Cultural Precinct includes the Queensland Cultural Centre (QCC) and other museums, diners and restaurants, gardens, and pedestrian areas.

The cultural centre, which comprises the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), the State Library, and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, is an architecturally significant benchmark of 1970s modernism, and several of its structures are heritage-listed.

Sydney to Brisbane Route Planning Tips

  • Take a road trip on this route any time of the year unless you are not used to the cold winter weather.
  • It doesn’t matter which path you travel this route; if time allows, a round trip offers a good diversity of experiences and scenery.
  • To experience this route, we offer motorhome hire in Sydney and Brisbane.
  • You’ll discover helpful information centres along your route. Excluding Darwin, you do not generally need to reserve campsites in advance. Darwin can be very crowded in the dry season, so it would be great even if you could prearrange your stuff a few days ahead to avoid disappointment.

We’d suggest a minimum of 7 – 10 days for this trip, 14 if you travel back and forth. Our retired clients typically take around 15 – 21 days for a round trip and approximately 14 days for a one-way trip.

  • A few commercial camps, low-cost camps, and some free rest areas allow overnight camping. Coastal commercial camps in popular tourist spots will be busy over school holidays, long weekends and Christmas. You’ll be required to pre-book during this time. There are few free camping sites along the more populated coastal route (national park camping is an ideal alternative).
  • During some sections, long stretches will be between the roadhouses where you can obtain fuel. However, bringing additional fuel is unnecessary when travelling on this sealed road.
  • Refer to the Camps Australia Wide Guide book for sites for freedom camps which can be bought along your route at some information centres, books or camping stores. You can also purchase an app called ‘Wiki Camps’ if you use a smartphone or tablet. The information centres you’ll see along the route are a gold mine for local information.
  • Witness plenty of wildlife along this route, like kangaroos, wallabies, a vast range of birdlife which includes a variety of parrots and a chance to see humpback whales from the coast if making a road trip between May to September.
  • As a traveller driving along this route, please keep in mind that some areas have alcohol restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Rent A Campervan In One City and Drop it off in Another?

One-way hires are usual in Australia. You can always find a company that lets you pick up from any city in Australia and drop it off at your destination. Though, keep an eye out for high drop-off fees to Broome.

Some rental providers will charge a one-way fee if you hire for over 21 days. You may search for several companies to hire the right vehicle for this trip. There may also require you to pay for a minimum number of days before you can avail of the one-way rental.

Is there insurance included in the rate?

Yes, the rental provider adds a level of insurance to all their rates. But you will be required to leave a certain amount as a security deposit when you collect your vehicle.

This is frequently the same amount as your insurance liability.

So, you don’t have to pay an additional fee if you leave $1000 as a security deposit. Though, you are still responsible for any costs involved in repairing damage up to £1000.00.

Can I purchase extra insurance to cover this excess?

Yes, in most chances. You can purchase extra cover on the website when you complete your booking request. This can either be from the campervan hire provider or at Driver Easy.

You can also confirm if you have the excess covered by your travel insurance. Credit card companies or banks sometimes provide travel insurance that covers vehicle hire excess as part of their insurance package.

Confirm with your bank if your insurance covers campervans and motorhomes for hire in Australia.

Are there any extra charges?

Extra charges can range from paying a drop-off fee to adding bedding to your campervan hire.

When you set a booking request, all of these charges are detailed as you go through the booking process.

Please note that you can follow the booking procedure to arrange your payment details. If you stop at this point, you will obtain a complete list of all the charges, including any local taxes and credit card bills you may incur when renting a campervan.

What are the terms and conditions?

These are displayed after the costs at the bottom of the page. Please click on the link to visit and see the full terms and conditions.

Remember, we are here to assist. You can call us anytime, and we will answer all inquiries about your campervan or motorhome hire.

Where can we camp?

Australia’s National Parks set campsites for campers and motorhomes. You can also camp at privately owned campsites.

Also try asking friendly café, bar owners etc., if you can stay in their car park overnight. And it usually works. (Please, at least, purchase a meal or drink if they allow you!)

You can also camp in Australia but not in towns. It would be best to ask before you do; other travellers will pass on news of good locations to stay in. Please leave the area where you visit as if you have yet to go.

Are there charges for travelling to Australia?

Yes, watch out for “toll” roads, particularly around Melbourne. Ask when you pick up your camper where they are and pre-pay or avoid them. They will charge for it if you don’t. Be mindful around Melbourne and Sydney!

How do I save money on my hire?

  • Bring your own bedding! (there are sometimes extra fees for this)
  • Set your booking as early as possible. Some companies raise the prices the nearer you get to the pick-up date. Book before this happens, and those prices are fixed.
  • Book for a more extended period. Compare the prices of the over-21-day rate and the over-35-day rate. It is always worth looking before you set your booking as you can spend the same amount for a more extended travel period.
  • Older vehicles are more affordable than newer ones.
  • Larger vehicles are more pricey than smaller ones.
  • Only hire a one-way trip that is 14 days in length.
  • Keep an eye out for our special discounts. These are updated every day.
  • Do not travel during the high season.

Can I take my vehicle off-road?

Technically, no! But you can hire a 4×4 camper to traverse the outback away from sealed or bitumen roads.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions. There are some roads that campervans are not allowed to travel on.

What do I need to take?

If you have to spend on bedding, take a sleeping bag, and everything else is included.

Check out the optional amenities such as BBQs, tables, chairs etc. You can often purchase these cheaper than hiring them.