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Want cheap campervans for hire in Cairns?

Check out some of these affordable campervans for hire in Cairns. And also compare some of these cheap motorhomes for hire in Cairns.

Cairns is the Australia’s capital of the tropics. If you want to explore the Great Barrier Reef or experience the Daintree Rainforest, Cairns is the port city that you should base yourself in. There are two main ways to get around in Cairns. Hiring a car or hiring a campervan. And you definitely want to explore the amazing city and its natural surroundings in a campervan.

Getting cheap campervan hire in Cairns doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily use a campervan comparison service to get quotes within a few seconds. Some of the campervan hire companies in Cairns offer campervan services for as little as $49.

So get yourself a budget and plan for a life-changing road trip from Cairns.

Compare budget campervan hire Cairns

Is it easy to hire a motorhome in Cairns?

Yes it is. If you are planning to travel in a large group with friends or family, you can opt to hire a motorhome from one of Cairns leading motorhome hire providers. You can simply use the quote form to compare the motorhome hire options that’s available in Cairns.

Compare RV rentals in Cairns

Is it possible to get 4WD campervan hire in Cairns?

It is possible to get 4WD campervan hire in Cairns. In Australia, exploring the terrain and going off the beaten track is a must. There are several campervan hire companies in Cairns that do offer the 4WD options. So if you want to go and camp out on the beach or go to the outback, your vehicle can do that and give you a “True Blue” Australian experience.

Can you hire a campervan from Cairns airport?

You cannot hire a campervan directly at Cairns airport, but there are several campervan hire companies in close proximity to the airport. You can easily catch a taxi from the airport to the campervan hire depot within 10 minutes.

Which campervan hire companies are based in Cairns?

Below is a list of some of the campervan hire companies based in Cairns.

You can use the map below to see the location of campervan hire companies that have branches in Cairns.

Need campervan hire at Cairns airport?

Consider booking with the following.

  • Britz
  • Camperman Australia Campervan Hire
  • Cairns Campervan Hire
  • GoCheap Campervan Hire Cairns

These campervan hire companies are all competing for your business. You can use the quote comparison service to see the features, benefits and bonuses offered by these rental companies.

Consider these other hire options

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