Stradbroke Island Camping

If you are visiting Queensland and you want to have an experience by the water, then you will want to go across to Stradbroke Island. You will be able to venture to enjoy yourself on the sand, by the crystal blue waters, or even venture across the island.

You can opt to do a day trip simply by jumping on the commuter ferry to and from the island. This will take you to one of the ports and you can enjoy a day trip, and you can hangout on the beach or at one of the activity centres.

Alternatively, you can opt to camp at one of the campsites.

What can you expect on Stradbroke Island?

The video below gives you a glimpse into what you can expect to see when visiting Stradbroke Island.

Stradbroke Island Experience

Would you like to know more information about camping on Stradbroke Island?

Visit the official community website for Stradbroke Island.

What’s the best way to get to Stradbroke Island?

You can commute to Stradbroke Island from Brisbane. You can opt to hire a campervan from Brisbane to visit Stradbroke. You will be able to stay on the main trails, however you won’t be able to go off the road onto the sand or dirt tracks since you will need a 4WD to do so.

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