Western Australia

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One of the most scenic, yet underated locations in Australia is Western Australia. The state often gets overshadowed in favour of Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. However, the state has some much beauty and things to experience for the adventurous traveller.

It is a vast state that will take you through several types of terrains, landscapes, and communities.

The experience that Western Australia offers is perfect for those that want to explore in a campervan or a motorhome.

It’s most likely that you will pick-up a campervan or motorhome to hire in Perth. There may be a chance that you can hire one in other cities, but it may prove to be difficult since many cities don’t have campervan or motorhome rental depots.

Additionally, it isn’t common for one-way rentals to be offered in this state. But you can always ask the hiring depot who might be able to arrange something.

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